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    Stress is often the leading problem that causes insomnia whether the insomnia is acute or chronic. A person can endure stress when bills are overwhelming, or else when a death occurs in the family....

    Stress is often the leading problem that causes insomnia whether the insomnia is acute or chronic. A person can endure stress when bills are overwhelming, or else when a death occurs in the family. A person may endure stress when the person sets high standards for his or her self. There are many reasons to name that causes stress, which in turns sets in insomnia. The fact is many people are suffering from panic attacks when insomnia is existing and most times depression is underlying the problem. Thus to understand insomnia one must understand stress, mental illness and medical ailments to a degree.

    If a person has set high standards for his or her self, the person must come to a degree of understanding that no one is perfect. Regardless, of the tasks you achieve or fail to finish it is important to realize that imperfections often prevent us from achieving to a higher level than normal. If you completed a task to the best of your ability then you have accomplished something in your life and should reward your self accordingly. If you failed to complete a task you should ask your self what happen that made you lack the skills to complete the task and move forward rather than beating your self down.

    Few people will beat them self down, thus overloading the mind and leading to insomnia. If you feel you are the target of rejection, remember that NO is a good thing, since if someone tells you no they often have your best interest at heart. For example, maybe you want to go dancing with your friends and your parents tell you it is not a good idea, thus your parents are showing you care, rather than rejecting your idea. Unfortunately, people lose sleep over the simplest stressors, and allow the stressors to progress to anger, stress, misery and so forth. The mind eventually becomes tired of the negative thinking and resists sleep when it is time to rest.

    Insomnia may occur when a death stresses a family. Thus, this negative event can be turned into a positive occasion. Sounds nuts, but the truth is none of us have control over death, thus it is not your fault that the death occurred. The deceased is now resting peaceful and does not have to suffer the many stresses and illnesses that life brings our way. When my mother passed on I fought through depression, anxiety, grief, stress and so forth, but today I realize that we made it through a hard time and have learned to replace my mother’s absence with new relationships. I have accepted that my mother’s death was not my fault; rather her death was inevitable, since her health was deteriorating. There is nothing we can do about death, thus allowing stress to take control and insomnia affect our health is ludicrous, since it is helping no one.

    Some people will dwell on mistakes, beating them self down to the point of insomnia. Again, no one is perfect and all of us will make mistakes throughout our lifetime, and some of those mistakes may be bigger than other mistakes. Thus, learning to let go is essential to prevent depression, anxiety and insomnia. When you make a mistake learn from the error and move ahead.

    A controlling individual may suffer insomnia, since the mind is consumed in controlling others. When you feel you must control everything around you, try to think about how you feel when you are controlled. It is important to realize that none of us has control all the time, but some of us have control some of the time.

    Persons with mental ailments or disorders often suffer insomnia. When mental ailments or disorders are involved often medications and therapy is needed to help the person cope with insomnia and stress. Many people suffering mental illnesses find it difficult to deal with the simplest stressors and thus stress escalates until insomnia takes over.

    Persons suffering medical ailments may endure insomnia. Thus, getting medical treatment can help you fall to sleep, avoid stress and relieve insomniac symptoms.

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